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Production of knives

Production of Steel blades already ravished with me at a tender age. My first knife I got when I was five years old from my grandfather. And there was a first sight love. When I was  12 years old, I tried to create my own products, perfected the machete. Unfortunately, is not preserved. I was learned blacksmithing and then I was worked as a toolmaker in Aircraft repair shops Malešice. Here was paradise. Materials about which I previously could only dream of, there lay in socialist ownership. Here I was created my first real hunting knives and daggers. After the apprenticeship I had enough knowledge and capabilities to create a nice quality stuff. Since then I flirt with the mystery of steel with interruptions until now.

My grandfather said: "The good guy has small coint in his pocket, string and knife." The value of money since then a lot has changed and a small coin in my pocket today would certainly not enough, but a knife and a string due to the financial sums belong in your pocket right guy ever.

Used steel

Depending on the type knives and customer requirements I choose a high-quality special steels. I mostly use the following: Bohler N690, D2, RWL 34, K110, 19312, 14260, 440C, AK5, AK9. Because I want to have the whole process under full control, quenching and tempering I'm doing myself.


On these pages you will find only knives of my own production. I do not buy any semi-finished products, everything are produced in our workshop. I specialize in: Hunting knives, survival knives, combat knives, kitchen knives, Finnish knives, camping knives and stiletto. I produces mainly knives, but if there is enough time, I make the pocket knives also.

Handles and grips

I am making the handles together with his wife, who is very clever. In her hands arises Micarta all colors and designs. Together we invent and shape the handle. Wooden handles and grips are made of materials that they themselves will obtain, dried and rebuild. Wooden handles are made of cherry, plum, walnut, birch, oak, mahogany. We also use antlers, horns and other materials.


Manufacture of the pouch for knife

To produce the pouch for knife I use high-quality cowhide. Each pouch is shaped to a particular knife. Custom-made pouch for your knife.


Rebuilding knives

Rebuilding knives are made at the written request of the customer. Part of the requirement is to sketch the changes required. In the event that there is a similar knife is needed the photo.

Repair and refurbishment of knives

Also I'm doing the grip plate replacement, repair and polishing blades, přenýtování, replace defective parts, sharpening etc.


Production of custom knives

This is a time, technically and financially demanding activity which I am doing. The customer can design or specify the requirements under which the product design knives. This is subsequently converted into the final result.

Sharpening knives

I sharpen knives by hand or using a grinder TORMEK. I use grinding wheels and stones Japan. I'm doing the finish on the leather wheel. Advantage tool grinders TORMEK is that well-proven products keeps grinding tools in the correct position and cut angle is the angle desired.

As a side activity doing sharpening scissors, axes, chisels and other tools.




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